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Edited by Brendan Ward

There are many situations that can be potentially damaging to one’s finances, a common one is challenging a deceased loved one’s will.  Working with a law firm with plenty of experience in preserving your financial health through legal hurdles is key for having better chances of success.

We can assist you through every step of a will challenge and can also provide services in connection with an equitable claim. When necessary, we can assist with the process of asking the court to remove or replace a trustee or executor that is not doing their job as they should or is engaging in bad faith actions or wrongdoing.

Our team also focus on complex estates and help our clients fight back when assets were mismanaged or unfairly distributed.

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Brendan Ward

Brendan focuses on estate planning for families with young children, same sex couples, together with elder care and intervention, trust and estate administration. His skills provide a depth of knowledge in probate practice and asset protection.