Nicole Mills


Nicole was born and raised in Lynn, Ma. Her love for her community has always been at the center of her work. Nicole’s resume boasts 10 years of bank management, launching and running a small non profit, and championing parents through early intervention, to be better advocates for their kids.

It was motherhood which lead Nicole to paralegal work. Nicole partnered in the launch of a small lynn based criminal defense legal practice, Highrock Legal. It was in the role of legal secretary that Nicole began to understand that her clients needed more than a legal defense, but often times they needed dignity and love. After Highrock Legal merged to form Cherry Tree Legal, Nicole invested in her passion, and graduated from a local paralegal program with excellence.

When she’s out of the office she enjoys being in her community, going on walks, and being with her husband and two littles at home. She loves being outside. Nicole also helps at her son’s school and enjoys having a blast playing with 15 three year olds two days a week.