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About Attorney Schuyler C. Hogan

Schuyler C. Hogan, born and raised in Lynn, Massachusetts, is a testament to the power of dedication and community service. A proud alumnus of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and a distinguished graduate of the New England School of Law, Schuyler has excelled academically and professionally, culminating in his successful passage of the Bar Examination. He now brings his legal expertise to Cherry Tree Legal, PLLC, where he practices law with a passion for justice and a commitment to excellence.

But Schuyler’s impact extends far beyond the courtroom. Deeply rooted in the city of Lynn, he has consistently used his talents to enhance his community. In 2019, he founded the “Everybody Eats” campaign, a heartfelt initiative that raised over $3,000 and provided over 100 Thanksgiving meals to families in need at the Lynn Common. This endeavor not only fed families but also fed the spirit of community and togetherness in Lynn.

In 2022, Schuyler took on the role of Chair of the Red Cross Sickle Cell Initiative in Lynn. Here, he continues his tireless work, organizing and promoting blood drives to address the critically low blood supply from African American and Latino communities. 

His first blood drive in 2021 was a learning curve, where he creatively used social media and video production to educate and mobilize the community about blood donations and Sickle Cell awareness. With each subsequent drive, he deepens his knowledge in community outreach and mobilization, proving his adaptability and commitment to public health.

Understanding the importance of mentorship, Schuyler also dedicates his time to the Lynn Youth Street Outreach Advocacy program, where he serves as a role model and mentor to the youth. His involvement in this program underscores his belief in the potential of young people and his dedication to guiding them towards positive paths.

At Cherry Tree Legal, PLLC, Schuyler C. Hogan represents not just the legal interests of his clients but also embodies the spirit of community service and the impact of dedicated legal practice. His journey from a local student to a practicing attorney in his hometown is an inspiration, showing how professional success and community engagement can go hand in hand.

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